Why Choose RentMe901?

Our dumpster renting delivery and pickup service is designed specifically for residential projects such as home improvement, landscaping, and garage or basement cleanouts. Getting a RentMe901.com residential dumpster that you fill yourself is the most economical answer to your disposal needs.

Why pay for labor when you can do it yourself, at your pace, and save the cost of the labor, not to mention time spent driving back and forth to the landfill?

When you use RentMe901.com, you are renting from a local company, with no middleman. We promise we’ll deliver on time and you’ll get the complete service you desire.

RentMe901 provides you with:

  • Reliability – We do what we promise and communicate with you along the way.
  • Quality – We take pride in delivering a clean attractive dumpster to your house. Nobody wants to see a beat-up, rusty, stinky construction site dumpster parked in your driveway.
  • Convenience – Our dumpsters are clean and compact. We can place them close to your house without taking up your whole driveway.
  • A local connection. We’ve been proudly Memphis-owned and operated since 1996.

Our trucks are smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than the large national dumpster companies. Most driveways were never designed for the weight of a large dumpster truck.

The RentMe901.com 15-yard dumpster is easier to load over the side because it is only 4 feet high. Our dumpster also has a rear door that swings open for easy walk-in loading.

When calling to rent a dumpster, ask if you are talking with a “broker”. You may be surprised to learn that some companies merely broker transactions to a third party. They are NOT a company providing the trash hauling service local to Memphis.

RentMe901.com’s pledge to our customers:

  • Our drivers will be professional, uniformed, and courteous.
  • Our dumpsters will be cleaned inside and out before delivery.
  • Pickup and delivery will be completed on days you schedule.